Anupama 20th September 2023 Episode Written Update: Anupma’s New Journey

Written Update Today: Star Plus TV Serial ‘Anupama‘ 19th September 2023 Upcoming Episode Story Update By TellyBood

Anupama 20th September 2023 Episode Written Update

In the latest episode of “Anupama,” several touching and emotional moments unfolded within the family:

Anuj’s Curiosity and Family Values:

Anuj found a file that piqued his interest. He wasn’t sure if it was the same file that Anupama had mentioned earlier. As he began to explore its contents, Choti Anu, the youngest family member, approached him, visibly worried about her math homework. Despite his curiosity about the file, Anuj decided to prioritize family and put it away. He assured Choti Anu that he would help her with her math homework and left to get her math book, leaving the file’s contents a mystery.

An Emotional Reunion

In another part of the house, Anupama shared a heartwarming moment with Malti Devi. Anupama introduced Malti Devi to a traditional Indian ankle bell called ghungroo. The sight of Anupama triggered memories in Malti Devi, who fondly recalled Anupama’s past kindness. Anupama reminded Malti Devi of their time together at Samar’s wedding.

Memories and Forgiveness

Malti Devi felt remorse for her past actions, which had caused harm and separated families. Overcome with guilt, she tearfully confessed to Anupama, acknowledging the wrongs she had committed. Anupama, displaying immense forgiveness, embraced Malti Devi, demonstrating her willingness to let go of past grievances.

Anuj’s Hope for a Quiet Life

Anuj, overhearing the conversation between Anupama and Malti Devi, hoped that Malti Devi would exit their lives for good. However, his attention was redirected when Choti Anu called him for assistance.

An Apology and a Chance for Redemption

Malti Devi expressed her apology to Anupama for not treating her with the respect befitting a guru. Anupama assured her that it’s never too late to mend relationships and make amends for past mistakes.

Family Moments and Surprises:

Elsewhere in the house, Kinjal engaged in a heartwarming moment with Baa while preparing vegetables. Vanraj and Kinjal discussed the prospect of Dimpy and Samar starting a family. Baa cautioned against rushing such matters. Kavya, Vanraj’s partner, prepared for a sonography appointment, prompting Kinjal to worry about her taking a rickshaw and insisting that Vanraj accompany her.

Returning to Anuj and Anupama’s conversation, they reflected on Malti Devi’s resurfacing memories. Barkha expressed concerns about Malti Devi potentially causing trouble at an upcoming party. Anupama stumbled upon a baby’s photo in the file and suspected it might be related to Gurumaa’s son.

Anupama decided to approach Malti Devi carefully with the photo, hoping to help her recall her past without causing undue pain. Malti Devi confirmed that the baby in the photo was indeed her son, setting the stage for a potential reunion.

Later, Anupama prepared a surprise gift for Anuj, which led to playful teasing and a loving moment between them. Just as they were about to share a kiss, an unexpected discovery captured Anuj’s attention, leaving viewers in suspense about what might unfold next.

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