Bhagya Lakshmi 13th August 2023 Written Episode Update: Rishi is angry on Malishka

Bhagya Lakshmi 13th August 2023 Written Episode Update on

Bhagya Lakshmi 13th August 2023 Written Episode Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 13th August 2023 Written Episode

Ayushmann gives medicine to Nani Jana asks Rishi is it not much, Ayushmann says Nani you don’t worry at all Rishi is absolutely fine you don’t have to worry brother as Lakshmi Bhabhi is with him Nani says Diya yes now really no need to worry as Lakshmi is with him

On the other side doctor treats sage and says no need to worry it won’t take much time and gives medicine and says give all medicines on time not even a single medicine should be missed someone’s mother says listen what the doctor said You need to rest now where Lakshmi comes and says and you also take rest you haven’t taken medicine take medicine and take rest Rishi’s mother is how to take rest if child’s condition is like this no one How can mother take rest if the child is in pain then the mother also cannot take rest Neelam tells Rishi son you take rest I am sitting here busy says I don’t need you please go to your room and take rest if anything Will be needed I will tell Lakshmi that means her room is not working I will make her call to keep

Grandma praised Lakshmi

Nani says to Ayushman, do one thing and take me to Rishi, once I see him, my heart will be at peace. How Lakshmi pushes Rishi at the right time and saves him from Vikrant’s bullet. Vikrant sees how he sang like a monster. Ayushmann says he was always a monster. Only then Neelam and Virendra come there. Neelam speaks because of Lakshmi. Vikrant fires the bullet too. Virendra says maa please don’t talk about this, you also need to rest na Jahan Virendra’s maa says what do I need to rest. Virendra says nothing to worry Neelam Maa. It’s okay, Mother tells Neelam, you too don’t worry about Rishi, Lakshmi is with him, isn’t she?

Malishka is running away from Rishi

Malishka says to do one thing to Rishi you sleep comfortably I sit here with you so that if you need anything I will be with you no says no Malishka has no need I said no she is with me Malishka says Do one thing Lakshmi you go to my room and sleep and I want to stay in your room I want to be with Rishi he needs anything where Rishi refuses then only there Ayush is supposed to receive and slaps Ayushman asks what have I done, Rishi says I called you and told you that I am coming with the proof, you stop the marriage and you are allowing the marriage to happen. Ayushman tells that my phone was taken by mom. didn’t really know

Rishi answers questions from Malishak

Just then Malishka runs from there as she thinks now Rishi will ask me too as he told me from where Manish will be going then says no wait for 1 minute Rishi says I called you too and I told you that Vikrant and Saloni is husband and wife, but why didn’t you tell anyone, isn’t Vikrant saying that you already knew the whole truth, was Vikrant telling the truth?

Malishka is angry in front of her mom

Lakshmi is very upset that she speaks in front of her mother. I am very upset because Lakshmi is going to live in this house. At least he would have taken Lakshmi out of here but how can this happen? Our hero has come to save Lakshmi. Manisha says I do not understand one thing, where did this video of Vikrant disappear from my phone when his mother tells that it has not disappeared but has been deleted where his mother tells that I deleted i

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