Bigg Boss Ott 3: Vada Pav girl Chandrika reveals a big secret of life – I hate my father because he has…

The Vada Pav girl who was playing the show very strongly till now, has recently had a very emotional moment in the show.

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In the latest episode of Bigg Boss OTT 3, Chandrika Dixit, famous as Vada Pav girl, revealed such secrets of her personal life that you will get emotional after hearing them and she has never even talked about them to date. Chandrika tells Munisha and Ranveer Shorey how her mother passed away and why she hates her father so much.

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Father married 4-5 times

Chandrika says that when she was 6 months old, her mother passed away and her father got addicted to alcohol. After this, Ranveer asks who took care of her at such a time, then she tells that her father used to leave her at the house of different relatives. Chandrika then says that her father had married many times, when Ranveer asked how many marriages he did, she said 4-5, she did not count.

Hates her father

Chandrika further says, ‘I hate him, meaning when I needed him, he was not there for me. When I was 8-9 years old, my grandmother adopted me completely. She came to know how I was treated in my relatives’ house. The relatives would give me the last roti that was left or the leftover food.’

Let us tell you that Chandrika used to sell vada pav in Delhi. One of her videos went viral on social media, after which there was a crowd of customers at her cart. However, she is also embroiled in many controversies. Many allegations were also made against her. After going viral on social media, Chandrika got a chance to come to Bigg Boss. When Chandrika’s promo came, the audience had a very negative reaction to it. People did not like Chandrika’s coming to the show.

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