Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 14th August 2023 Written Episode Update: Savi Reached at Bhosle’s house

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 14th August 2023 Written Episode Update by

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 14th August 2023 Written Episode Update

Ishan is goin to Shikha’s Room

Savi regains consciousness when Ishaan is going to Shikha’s room. As soon as he reaches the door, Shikha comes and stops Ishaan. Shikha asks did Ishaan want anything. Ishaan says yes, a brown color file. I am not getting it, I thought you must have seen it, I didn’t want an urgent, Shikha says no, I haven’t seen any such file, Ishaan says I must have forgotten to keep it somewhere, no problem, go to sleep.

Aka Saheb is talking to Surekha about Savi

On the other hand, Aka Saheb says to Surekha on the phone that girl has made a big allegation on Makarand’s son. If any action is taken against the son and he will be angry, then we will be in trouble, Aaka Saheb says, keep an eye on the farmer, do not take any decision in haste, keep telling me everything on the phone.

Isahan is shocked to see Savi in his house

Early in the morning, Savi regains consciousness, then she comes out of the room, then Ishaan is surprised to see Savi. Shaan asks what are you doing in my house, where he calls the security, then Aaka Saheb comes there, Ishaan asks. Hai what is this girl doing in our house she says Asmita and Shikha went to the temple yesterday and when she was coming back this girl came in front of the car and due to the collision of the car she fainted and came after eating so much food Hai these two have brought this girl here, Ishan gets angry and claps and says if you want to learn trickery and drama, then someone should learn from you, where do you get so much brain in such a big Pune you got my uncle and sister In front of whom you had to come and pretending to be unconscious, you entered our house too. Wow, what an amazing coincidence.

Ishan is not trusting on Savi

Savi says sir, it is really a coincidence and I am more surprised than you, what are you accusing me, not myself. Know I am being brought here. I was unconscious the whole time. Asmita says Ishaan, this girl is absolutely right that the poor thing was in a very bad condition since yesterday, we have brought her in a state of unconsciousness, this girl was not even able to stand properly, Ishaan says you know Who is this girl in our house in college a girl’s name is being mentioned again and again she is none other than this girl she is Savi Chauhan aka sahib speaks we didn’t even know Ishaan says you guys didn’t know but This girl definitely knew who you guys are, that’s why she had to come under your car, everyone says your claim is wrong sir, I also did not know who these guys are and why you guys are saying this Ishaan says it was done intentionally because I know very well who has sent you here, where Asha Bhosle has sent this girl after reading the strip.

Ishaan tells Savi the truth about Isha Mam

Ishaan doesn’t believe Savi’s words and says tell the truth what is the intention of Isha ma’am, why has she sent you here, tell me sometimes she speaks enough is enough sir, now you cannot take Isha ma’am’s name in everything and you are disrespectful Can’t talk about them talk about respect Ishaan says you don’t get respect by asking for it you have to earn Isha I haven’t done any work because of which I should respect him ran away from Ramtek here for someone else’s admission She comes and fights with the whole world, but when it comes to her child, she runs away leaving the small child, why would you have this ideal teacher to fulfill your needs to make a career, but for me, neither an ideal teacher Neither is there any mom. Savi gets angry and says how dare you say all this where Ishaan tells that she is my mother so I know her very well.

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