Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 17th August 2023 Written Update: Savi Called Media

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 17th August 2023 Written Update on

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 17th August 2023 Written Update

GHKKPM: Savi called Media for her justice

Episode starts with Savi coming with Tambourine and playing Savi starts gathering kids outside the college. All kids make fun of everyone. She is the same girl who had a lot of drama at the time of admission and that day. She was also raising slogans in agitation style, whereupon Ayush and Dhurva come. Dhurva says what is this girl doing. Ayush says it looks like her screw has loosened. Let’s go and see. Shukla ji goes to Ishaan’s cabin now. He says Sir, please come downstairs quickly, otherwise it will be amazing. Ishaan is gathering people by playing his tambourine. When he sees all the children playing tambourines and singing, she tells her story of what happened to her. Ishaan says to this girl. The two started the drama again Savi media people are called whose name is Sheela Ishana comes and says to Savi what a drama you have created that our college is not fair in your village what do you want to show doing all

Sheela questions Ishaan

Sheela says what to ask Mr. Ishaan Bhosle where everything is happening in front of the camera a girl says oh god this is Sheela Thomas she is a famous reporter but what is she doing here Sheela takes her mike to Ishaan comes and says you have to answer my questions go Ishaan looks at everyone Ishaan asks Sheela, first of all, tell me how did you come to our campus without permission and questioning me without permission Sheela says Mr. Ishan Bhosle you must be a very big personality people would need to take an appointment to meet you but I am a generalist so it is my job to ask questions it is my duty it is my responsibility and you also have the responsibility to present your side in front of everyone And give a straight answer to my questions, Ishaan says, okay, ask whatever you want, I am ready to answer all your questions. Being the director of the institute, what do you want to say? Ishaan says this has never happened in our college before because this mistake happened for the first time, so I left after giving a warning, next time he does such an act, he will be rusticated from the college. Sheela says she had apologized to Savi, but everyone has told that these people have not apologized to me, Savi says sir, they tagged me and apologized to you.

Dhurva called Aka Saheb

Dhurva calls Aaka Saheb and tells her that there is a big problem here. She tells that your dear everyone has called this news reporter and here she is questioning Ishaan and everyone, that’s all in tomorrow’s news. The topic is going to be Aaka Sahib speaks I explained this much to that girl but she did what she had to do you call me whatever is happening there and tell me what to do next I will tell you Aaka Sahib says I am sure all this is being done by Isha now enough is enough now I will tell that girl Surekha Bhosle what is it she asks Anvi tell the truth Savi is lying isn’t it where Anvi gets scared and is about, to tell the truth, That’s why Aaka Sahib stops him, you don’t know anything about this if someone asks you, don’t tell anything to anyone.

Ishaan says every student is very important to me, if the allegation made by Savi turns out to be false, then Ayush’s life will be ruined, we will not let this happen, the investigation is going on, and the truth will be known soon. Nisha says Ayush is a lot. He is the son of a big businessman Makrand, is that the reason why you are protecting him and the allegations leveled by Savi are not baseless?

Upcoming Twist

In the coming episode, Anvi reveals the whole truth to Ishaan and she tells Ishaan that day I lied to you, Dhurva and our friends did not joke with everyone and misbehaved with everyone, whatever Savi is saying is true, I am there But when Dhurva and his friends were troubling everyone, Ayush really forced everyone. The farmer gets very angry after seeing this.

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