Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 15th January 2024 Written Update: Reeva is angry with Ishan

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 15th January 2024 Written Update: Reeva gets upset seeing Savi and Ishaan coming closer. On the other hand, Ishaan’s uncle asks him to go back, but he flatly refuses to leave Savi alone.

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 15th January 2024 Written Update

Lost in someone’s love, you can see that Savi’s entire world gets destroyed. Samridh kills Savi’s entire family. Savi is unable to recover from the shock of her family’s death. On the other hand, Ishaan stands like a rock and takes full care of Savi. Seeing this, Siva does not feel good at all. On the other hand, the doctor tells Ishaan that Savi’s sister will have to be shifted to another hospital as they have very little time. Ishaan gets very upset after hearing this.

Reeva gives emotional support to Ishaan

Ishaan feels very worried and lonely about Savi. In such a situation, Reeva stands with him as his support. Ishaan becomes emotional after finding Reeva near him, hugs her, and starts crying. Reeva also explains to Savi that she is a student of Bhosale College, hence all the teachers and students of the college are with her in her difficult times.

Ishaan told the truth to Savi

Ishaan takes Savi’s aunt Hirni in the ambulance to get her shifted to another hospital. He tells Savi the whole story about how because of him his entire family faces death. But as soon as he starts telling his story, Savi falls asleep due to fatigue and stress. When Ishaan finishes speaking and looks at Savi, he realizes that whatever he said, Savi did not even listen to him.

Will Reeva and Ishaan’s marriage be canceled?

In the upcoming episode of the show, it will be shown that Ishaan tells Reeva that Savi’s aunt’s condition is so bad that sometimes I think that we should postpone the marriage. The date should be determined after three to six months. Reeva gets angry after hearing this. She says what did you say, you want to postpone this marriage. Ishaan says that this thing just came out of his mouth. Reeva says that this thing was in my heart and that is why it came out. We do one thing, once the matter is out, we implement it. We just cancel this marriage.

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