Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 16th January 2024 Written Update: Ishan is shokked to see Kiran in hospital

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 16th January 2024 Written Update: Will come to Akka Sahib Hospital if Ishaan does not reach home. She will ask Ishaan to understand his responsibility for Rewa. Ishaan’s mehendi will happen but his attention will explode

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 16th January 2024 Written Update
Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 16th January 2024 Written Update

In the latest episode of the serial Gum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein, till now you see that Savi is trying to commit suicide. Ishaan will get so involved in her matter that Rewa along with the Bhosle family will get upset. In today’s episode, it will be shown that Ishaan will save Savi. Reeva, Nishi, Savi, and Ishaan will wait for Harini to regain consciousness. Ishaan will tell the doctor to save Harini no matter how much money it takes. If Savi accepts Ishaan’s favor, she will again remember the day of the accident. She will console Savi after reaching Akka Sahib Hospital. Yashwant will also tell Savi not to consider herself alone.

GHKKPM: Reeva will read Ishaan’s face

There will be drama in the hospital in today’s episode. Doctors will say that Harini is critical. Ishaan will ask him to save her at all costs. Savi will tell Ishaan that she will return his money but Ehsaan will not be able to repay her for the rest of her life. Ishaan will remember the blast and guilt will appear on his face. Reeva will read Ishaan’s face and think that Ishaan is hiding something.

GHKKPM: Rao Saheb will console Savi

Akka Sahib will come to the hospital. She will tell Ishaan that he has not come home for so many days. After this, she will tell Savi that she is very sad about what happened. Rao Saheb would also say that if Savi has any need, he should not hesitate. Savi will say that Ishaan has taken all the responsibility. Akka Sahib will again tell Savi that he should have called her instead of Ishaan. Ishaan remains busy. She will go to tell him about Ishaan’s marriage and by then the doctor will call her. Ishaan will get angry for not talking about happiness in front of Savi.

GHKKPM: Savi will be remembered in Mehndi

Akka Sahib and Yashwant will say that they supported Savi a lot. Now take up your responsibility for Rewa. Mehndi preparations will be done at Ishaan’s house. Everyone will celebrate but Ishaan will be sad. He will think about Harini and Savi. Akka Sahib will bind Rewa and Ishaan by tying Mauli. There will be dancing and singing in the Bhosle family. Meanwhile, the doctor will tell Savi that there is bad news. The deer will need blood.

GHKKPM: Ishaan will leave the mehendi

The doctor will say that if O-negative blood is not found within three hours, it is difficult for the deer to survive. Ishaan will remember Ajoba’s words and the couple will be left out of control. People there will call it a bad omen. Savi will circulate the video that she needs an O blood group. Ishaan will watch the video, call him and Ishaan will reach out to donate blood. Ishaan will tell his friend Prateek that he wants to go to the hospital. Prateek will say that his blood group is not O negative so why is he going? Ishaan will say that he will return as soon as he gets blood.

Harini’s husband will give blood

The nurse will tell Savi that the donor has been found. Savi will be shocked to see that Harini’s husband is giving her blood. It will be shown in the promo that Ishaan will say that the marriage should be postponed. Reeva will be angry at him.

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