Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 17th January 2024 Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 17th January 2024 Written Update by

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 17th January 2024 Written Update

GHKKPM Aaj Ka Episode: Ishaan will leave Mehndi and go to help Savi. If Rewa comes to know, she will remove the mehendi. Ishaan will return and convince her and promise that they will celebrate Haldi well.

Till now in the serial Gum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein, it has been shown that Savi will be searching for a donor. Kiran will give blood to Harini and will hold Savi responsible for the destruction of the entire family and Harini’s condition. There will be Rewa’s mehendi ceremony where people will ask about Isha. Sulekha will say that she is the mother. There will be dancing and singing at the function. There will be chaos in the Bhosale family if Ishaan is not there. Rewa will remove her mehendi.

Kiran will blame Savi

In today’s episode, you will see that Ishaan will leave his mehendi function and come to help Savi. Kiran will come there to give blood to the deer. When Savi asks him to leave, he says that he is saving his wife. His entire family was destroyed. Savi will say that she is there and not needed. Kiran will say that he is that’s why all this happened. Ishaan will hold Kiran’s collar. The nurse will free him.

Reeva will cry over Ishaan’s actions

Ishaan’s family will search for him. Will not get that. Durva will see on mobile that Savi needs blood, and then she will say that Ishaan must have gone to Savi. Yashwant will scold Ishaan’s friend Prateek as to why he did not tell. When Reeva comes to know that Ishaan is gone, she will be sad and will give up Mehndi. Rewa will go away crying. If Ishaan comes to know about the situation at home, he will come from there. Reeva will cry in her room. He will explain to Reeva and say that Savi’s family is finished. He should postpone the marriage.

Ishaan will convince Rewa

Rewa will get furious. Ishaan will say that it came out of his mouth. Will apologize to him. Rewa will start taking off the ring. Ishaan will say that he will improve himself and postponing the marriage is not a solution. Promises her that he will celebrate Haldi’s function well. He will convince Rewa. He will tell her that he is more excited about marriage than Rewa. Ishaan will say that he will prove his love. He will tell Reeva that he is not able to remove from his mind what happened with Savi. He will apologize to Reeva. It will be shown in the promo that Harini will be unconscious. Kiran will say that there is little hope of his survival. After his death, he will marry Savi.

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