Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 1st February 2024 Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 1st February 2024 Written Update by

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 1st February 2024 Written Update

GHKKPM Today Episode: Today in the show, Ishaan will take Savi to the hospital. There, Shuklaji will be shocked to see that the husband will write his relationship with Savi in the form. Ishaan will bring Savi home.

In the serial Gum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein, till now you have seen that Ishaan searches for Savi. Here Yashwant and Sulekha are afraid that she might come to know that they had got Savi kidnapped. Today it will be shown that Yashwant will scold Nishikant and say Ishaan is not picking up the phone. The goons will tell Nishikant that someone Ishaan has come and they have spilled it. When Yashwant comes to know about this, he will slap Nishikant. Asmita will listen to both of them.

Reea in shock

Shuklaji will search for Ishaan and Savi. When he dials Ishaan’s phone, both of them will be found lying nearby. Reeva’s mother will prepare to return all the things and jewelry belonging to Ishaan’s family. Reeva will stop him. Reeva will be shocked and will not be ready to accept the fact that Ishaan has got married. His mother would tell him that Sulekha was talking nonsense. Reeva will fight with her mother. Swati will start taking Reeva to London. Rewa will refuse.

Shuklaji will know the truth about marriage

Ishaan will take Savi to the hospital. Ishaan will sign the form in the hospital. He will write his relationship as a husband, which Shuklaji will be shocked to see. Shuklaji will remember that that is why Savi is roaming around as a married woman. He will understand that Ishaan and Savi got married. Akka Sahib will threaten Nishikant that if anything happens to Ishaan, she will not leave him.

Ishaan will organize Savi’s housewarming ceremony.

Sulekha will go out to find Ishaan. Rewa will leave for Ishaan’s house. Ishaan will bring Savi there. He will enter Bhosale’s house with Savi in his lap. The red color of rangoli will be applied to Ishaan’s feet. Shikha will tell Asmita that this is Savi’s housewarming. Akka Sahib and Rao Saheb will be shocked to see Savi with Ishaan.

Will Reeva and Savi stay together?

In the precap, it will be shown that Ishaan will ask Savi to keep him in his room. Akka Sahib and Yashwant will refuse that Savi cannot stay here. Ishaan will not agree. By then Rewa will reach there. She will say that she will not be able to live without Ishaan. She has left her home. Ishaan will refuse that Rewa cannot stay in this house. Reeva will ask Ishaan to take her out by holding her hand. Ishaan will not be able to do this.

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  1. Well well i think eventuely ishaan will return to reeva since he cannot put her out so the next step will be savi will not sleep with ishaan because she pays no value to her mariage with ishaan which will give reeva the chance to share the bed with ishaan and in the end savi will leave bhosale house and lead a new life without ishaan if she will finaly obtain her dream of becoming a police officer like her father we will have to wait and see now since the chavan family has been killed off i wonder how serial will continue now.

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