Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 1st March 2024 Written Update

GHKKPM Today Episode: There will be a lot of discord in the Bhosale family after the party is over. Ishaan will leave the house in anger and will meet with an accident on the way. Akka Saheb will call Savi wretched.

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 1st March 2024 Written Update

In the last episode of the serial Gum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein, it was shown that there will be drama at the party. Yashwant will ask everyone to leave. Reeva’s mother Swati will taunt her. In today’s episode, Surekha will say that Surekha had come with folded hands to make Reeva her daughter-in-law. Now doing a reception for Savi. She will call them hypocrites. She will say return my Rewa. She will come to take him along. Rewa will refuse to go.

Reeva will not go with her parents

Reeva will be angry at her mother that the whole drama happened because of her. She will say what did she get by spoiling the respect of these people? Reeva’s father will tell his wife that there is no benefit in banging her head on the walls. Swati will tell Reeva that Ishaan will never come back. No matter how long one waits. Reeva’s parents will leave her.

Akka Saheb will get angry on Ishaan

Akka Saheb will tell Ishaan that Savi broke his trust. She will shout at Ishaan as to why Savi has thrown away his honor. Picked him up from the road and made him sit on his head. Savi will apologize. Yashwant will angrily say to Savi, I feel like killing you. It takes the whole life to build respect.

Akka Saheb will curse Sai

Akka Saheb will get angry and will reach Savi’s eyes. She will say that her maid was from a small house. Married a boy from a rich family by trapping her. Savi will ask why the job is being made such a big issue. Did not steal anything. I did the job just for the fees so that I could pay the fees. Yashwant angrily won’t let him speak.

Akka Saheb will abuse

He will tell Savi that he knows what respect is. By doing a job worth two pennies, he ruined the honor of the Bhosle family. Akka Saheb will call Savi an opportunist. If she speaks about her family, Savi will stop her. Akka Saheb will speak ill of the entire house. Harini will also be called opportunistic. While raising his hand on Savi, Akka Saheb would fall. She will create a drama that Savi pushed her. Savi will say that she did not push. Ishaan will scream badly. He will drag Savi away in front of everyone.

Ishaan’s life is in danger

Ishaan will scold Savi. Savi will apologize to Ishaan. There will be a heated debate between Savi and Ishaan. Ishaan will say, I don’t know where he is stuck. He will tell Savi a lot. Savi will say that she feels suffocated. Ishaan will leave the house in anger. Savi and Rewa will go after him. Ishaan will be hit by the truck. In the precap, it will be shown that Ishaan’s condition will be serious. The doctor will say that he may lose his eyesight. Akka Saheb will call Savi wretched.

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