Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 4th February 2024 Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 4th February 2024 Written Update by

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 3rd February 2024 Written Update

GHKKPM Aaj Ka Episode: There is an uproar in the entire house regarding the marriage of Ishaan and Savi. Nobody likes him, but still, he is not allowed to leave the house.

GHKKPM: Star Plus’s most popular serial Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein is giving a lot to the audience these days. On one hand, Ishaan fulfilled his promise to Hirani by marrying Savi. So right there, his relationship with Reeva ended forever in one stroke. In such a situation, there is an uproar in the entire Bhosale family. Yashwant even got Savi kidnapped so that he could distance her from his family and Ishaan’s life, but in this too he had to face defeat. Meanwhile, when Savi started leaving the Bhosale house, Yashwant threatened her fiercely and clearly refused to leave. After all, what is the trick behind this?

Yashwant forbids Savi from leaving Bhosale’s house

On the one hand, no one likes Savi. No one can bear to see him in front of their house even for a moment. In such a situation, when she herself was going to leave Bhosale House and shift to the hostel, Yashwant Rao refused to let her go. She said that you are married to Ishaan so fulfill it now and don’t even dare to leave this house. Savi is shocked to hear this. At the same time, Akka Saheb is quite surprised at this decision of Rao Saheb. She says why did you stop Savi from leaving. Yashwant says I stopped Ishaan, not Savi. If she went, Ishaan would also follow her. And from now on keep an eye on Savi lest he comes to know that we had a hand in his kidnapping.

Ishaan refuses to let Savi go

After Rao Saheb’s talk is over, Ishaan comes to Savi and says that even though our marriage took place under compulsion, you are my wife. Not because of me, but because of Akka Saheb, stop. His health is not well. He had a heart attack just a few days ago. Anyway, seeing the atmosphere at home at this time, his health may deteriorate further. Ishaan told Savi that you will stay. Savi says yes to this and stops.

Savi slaps Durva

Savi goes to college after a long time. As soon as she reaches college, college girls start harassing Savi. Everyone takes his name and says Savi Chauhan has come, then one says no no Savi Chauhan, not greedy Chauhan. On this, Savi says to stay within your limits. As soon as she says this, Durva comes there. She says she is right, you were like this right from the beginning when you came on the first day and slept in Dada’s cabin. On hearing this, Savi angrily slaps Durva.

Akka Saheb was banned from going to college

Durva comes home and shows the slapping video to Akka Saheb, on seeing which Reeva asks when did she reached college. Then Savi comes there. Seeing him, Akka Saheb becomes furious. She says from now on you will not go to college. On this, Savi says how can you stop my dreams? Ishaan keeps watching everything silently. Now it remains to be seen whether Ishaan will again go against the family to fulfill Savi’s dream.

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