Kundali Bhagya 12 August 2023 written update: Karan reached temple to worship for Sourya

Kundali Bhagya 12 August 2023 written update by Tellybood.com

Kundali Bhagya 12 August 2023 written update

The episode of Kundali Bhagya begins when the grandmother has also sent Karan to worship in the temple. Srishi thinks in mind, oh god, have you told Rajveer’s mother’s name, lest Pandit ji asks for his father’s name, on the other hand, his son Sourya Karan comes to do the puja and stands behind Preeta. Srishti will be shocked to see Karan.

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Kundali Bhagya 12 August 2023 written update

On the other hand, Avinash sir comes to Sanaya’s house where Pal says how are you sitting here, right? Avinash asks Uncle Sanaya and heard son, when did you come here and how is your studies going and about the future? Kya thought where Avinash says after listening to Uncle Sanaya’s words oh wow there are motives and intentions also Avinash sir says the issue is that I came here in connection with work and while coming I found Khurana ji so work I talked to him but about work, I want to talk to him once where Sanaya asks I have work, Avinash sir doesn’t tell Palki, Palki says Avinash sir tells me you know you are an excellent doctor. Stay and I know you are a very good professional doctor and you take care of each and every patient very well I have got a problem my senior lady is a patient who needs to be taken care of and 12 hours doctor needs and you know I don’t have that much time don’t understand those people are like a family member now they need a doctor to take care of them and i think you are the only one who can do all this So I have talked to your father, he has no objection, but once I want to ask you too, will you be able to do duty for 12 hours, you will have to do duty by staying in his house and he is very old, understand him as your grandmother. As Pal says, just uncle, you said that she is like a grandmother, so she is a grandmother. Palki says I will definitely treat the patient who needs me. I don’t have any problem. Avinash says Uncle, then what is the problem. Gives wherever the moment says, I make tea and bring it, then we go

Srishti Saw Karan in temple

Pandit ji asks Karan the name of their mother and father and Karan tells him that his mother’s name is Preeta and his father’s name is Karan. Seeing Karan, she takes Preeta from there. Preeta asks what happened Srishti, why did you take me from there. Srishti has come and made Preeta an excuse that what should I give to Pandit ji, I mean how much Dakshina should I give? Preeta gets angry and says you brought me here from there to ask such a small thing. Sirsi says here I am in front of Pandit ji. I ask my sister, how much money should I give to Pandit ji? Preeta explains that Dakshina is given with the devotion of the heart. Preeta goes near, after which Srishti pretends to be dizzy so that Preeta does not go back to Pandit ji and does not see Karan. Preeta says why did you feel dizzy all of a sudden. Preeta says ok, sit here, I will come after worship. Srishti says how did you become so stone-hearted, it seems that you have no heart at all. Preeta says I feel like you are pretending to be dizzy, I can know from your face that you are telling the truth. Is it or a lie so I am not going to listen if you are tired sit here I am going to worship Srishti says ok you caught my lie I was making excuses I was thirsty there we were walking so dua I suddenly got into my mouth and my throat is sore and water is getting very far and I can’t walk so far then drink water and walk back Preeta says what a gimmick she makes so many excuses

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