kundali bhagya 15th august 2023 written update: Srishti is angry with Nidhi

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Kundali Bhagya 15 th August 2023 Written Episode Update

kundali bhagya 15th august 2023 written update; Nidhi came to Preeta’s home

Srishti comes home from the temple with Preeta. Srishti tells Preeta that it is good that she did not see the face of that wretched Nidhi, Nidhi is somewhere else. The same Nidhi reaches Preeta’s house. She listens to Preeta’s words. Manhoos is speaking, I am of no importance. Nidhi’s phone falls from her hand where as Srishti and Preeta look at Nidhi and say the witch has come, Mini speaks the witch, to whom did Srishti tell the witch, Panauti, all these words are on you. Nidhi suits. She gets angry and says mind your language. Preeta says she is standing at our door and we are not saying anything. Nidhi says I was just passing by then I saw whose house could be so cheap. Hai Preeta says beware our house is called cheap house whether small or big house is a temple, people like you think Nidhi says you both talk too much Preeta says if you talk too much then tomorrow we will go to Luthra house Will I reach tomorrow? I am thinking, should I go to your house now and tell everyone your reality? Srishti was standing outside our house staring at the tableau, says get out of here, Nidhi leaves from there, then Preeta says I am Srishti looks very clever from her appearance, she thinks in her mind, I know sister, but I will not tell now, first I will bring her on the right path.

Rajveer and Mahesh talking and Mahesh gives a file to Rajveer

On the other hand Rajveer and Mahesh are talking in the office where Mahesh says that tomorrow is my scolding day from mummy ji because I have diabetes and tomorrow my report is going to come and I know that the report will be bad because of which mummy ji Shaurya Rajveer File Rajveer asks for the file, refuses to give it, says Maheshwar sir said, don’t give it to anyone, bring it to the office tomorrow, Shaurya says whose file he has asked, then Shaurya says you call Dada, Rajveer of palki Why do you keep fighting with Shaurya, what do you know, Mahesh sir has sent it, Rajveer gives the file to Shaurya, everyone leaves, then Sanaya asks Palki do you love Rajveer, whereupon Palki goes shy.

Shanaya is making to plane how to trap Shoury

Shanaya talks to her mother about impressing Shaurya, her mother says that if she had found out whom the Amirzade was, she would have been ruling as a queen in some palace. Shanaya asks you tell me how can I make Saurya fall. Mummy says you should wear tight clothes so that your figure is visible. If your figure is visible then his liver will also be visible.

Karan and Risabh talking with Dadi

Karan and Rishabh come to Dadi and ask about Dadi’s health. Dadi says my grandson has come so early. Dadi has no time for you. Karan says I am a very old patient, you are not a patient, what is your age, you look 16 years old. Dadi says Dadi says I want to go for a walk Karan makes me walk in the room itself Dadi says there is no oxygen in this room there is no cool air then Karan and Rishabh talk about taking Dadi on a tour

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