Kundali Bhagya 17th August 2023 written update: Nidhi did Preeta’s accident

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Kundali Bhagya 17th August 2023 written update

Kundali Bhagya 17th August 2023 written update

In the upcoming episode of Kundali Bhabhi, where you all will see Srishti calls Karan, Karan recognizes Srishti’s voice. He says Srishti, Srishti also gets nervous that I have called Karan and on the other hand Nidhi is about to do Preeta’s. Accident and tells someone over the phone that Preeta’s chapter should be closed. Nidhi brings her car towards Preeta at high speed and hits her where the Pooja plate falls from Preeta’s hands. It will be fun to watch. is Preeta hurt

Preeta is thinking about Karan all the time

Preeta is very sad. Srishti asks Preeta what happened didi, why are you looking so sad, share me. Preeta says I am feeling very strange, this has never happened to me, you only tell me Karan Luthra, what do you think of me? Srishti gets shocked for a moment and gets lost in thought. Preeta says tell me where is Karan Luthra lost. What do you think of me? Preeta says he doesn’t seem like anything to me, but I always think of him. I have noticed myself that I keep thinking about Karan Luthra I am very upset because of this then I try to distract myself from why this is happening to me I don’t understand anything Srishti is coming, thinks in her mind because he is your husband, sister, your love is connected to the heart, connected to the soul, which has not broken even after breaking, is still connected to you, Preeta tells that every time my head explodes, after all I am his Why do I think about Sometimes I feel like someone is calling me It seems like Karan Luthra is calling me Srishti thinks in mind this is the voice of your memories Didi coming out from the past calling you to her She is reminding herself. Preeta says let it go on like this, I will go mad. Srishti says if we think about a person more then that person keeps coming in our mind repeatedly. Srishti says I will suggest this only. That you stop thinking about Karan Luthra, if you stop thinking then he will not even think and dream. Preeta says how easy it would have been, I would have already done it. Srishti says look, you have to think then. Think about me, you will only think of me, and only my dreams will come, tell me how much fun it will be, I will rule your heart and mind

Palki tells Ramesh that we had gone to the Luthra house.

On the other hand, Palki tells Ramesh that the patient Avinash uncle was talking about who needed 12 hours of duty is none other than Shaurya and Kavya’s grandmother who lives in Luthra’s house, they are very nice people. Sanaya says to keep quiet. Why did it happen even in the future, Sanaya says, I tell you all that I am designing all the clothes of Kavya, you already know that I am a great fashion designer, I am a good decorator, you have to accept one thing, my looks. Very good, got a big order as soon as it arrived. Sanaya is going to prepare Palki very nicely. Palki says no, there is no need. I am fine as I am and she says to Ramesh, you explain this when you see my Sanya’s mother keeps lying behind the clothes and says that she is making you Alia Bhatt and you are refusing.

Mahesh is happy with Shourya

Mahesh speaks to Saurya, today I want to say something to you, I am proud of you my boy, you know that you are the apple of the eyes of the whole house and I am saying this to you on behalf of all of them and the way in which you Working hard in the office doing very well son

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