Kundali Bhagya 18th August 2023 Written Episode Update: Nitesh Blackmailed Nidhi

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Kundali Bhagya 18th August 2023 Written Episode Update

Nilesh Blackmailed Nidhi

The Episode starts with Detective Nilesh coming to Nidhi and says I will tell everyone that you were trying to baet Preeta whom Mr. Luthra is looking for but you want me to beats someone. Tell me otherwise you will have to pay more than Karan. You want Karan to never find what he is looking for. Nidhi asks Karan looking for his father. Nilesh says he has hired me to find Preeta but not yet. Don’t know where Preeta lives. What is her relationship with Rajveer? If you want that Karan sir should not know about it then father. You can give me the contract to beat her but I will take 5 times more than you have taken from her when Nidhi gets ready to give her ₹5000000. Nidhi says remember one thing Sunita should not escape

Nilesh meets to Karan

Nilesh comes to meet Karan. Karan asks Nilesh tell me what did you know about Preeta. Nilesh says yes sir, I know but can’t confirm anything. Once I confirm, then I will tell you. Karan says Whatever has to be done has to be done today itself, you know very well that my daughter Kavya is going to get married and I want Preeta to do Kanyadaan in my daughter’s marriage. Nilesh says I will try my best to find her before your daughter’s marriage. i promise

Rajveer and Palki Romantic Moments

Rajveer and Palki both meet at Luthra’s house. Rajveer is overjoyed to see Palki. Rajveer is shocked to see Palki’s new look. Palki tells that my sister has given me this new look. I told her that I am fine as I am but She was not agreeing to look what condition you have made me Rajveer says you are looking more beautiful than before then they both get lost in each other’s thoughts Rajveer says I just wanted to say that you look very beautiful today You used to look like earlier but today you are looking more

Shanaya is helping Kavya to select her dresses

Kavya is confused in selecting her dresses then Sanaya comes and says stop I will help, Sanaya uses a dress and says this dress will suit you Kavya says two I will try then Sanaya Kavya goes to dance while Preeta is lost in her thoughts about Karan.

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