Kundali Bhagya 19th August 2023 Episode written update: Nidhi Hires Nilesh to For Preeta

Kundali Bhagya 19th August 2023 Episode written update on Tellybood.com

Kundali Bhagya 19th August 2023 written update

Kundali Bhagya Written update

Today’s episode begins with Preeta once again dreaming of Karan and gets scared, then Gurpreet comes there. Preeta tells why Karan Luthra comes in my dreams. Gurpreet says don’t be afraid, calm down, I have tea. Preeta says something has happened, I don’t know Karan Luthra and he is coming in my dream, something is not right, Gurpreet says this happens when we are fans of someone. He starts appearing in our dreams as well as with me see I am a big fan of Karan Luthra I also dream of him Thi son must be crying a lot. Gurpreet gives him tea and says take this, drink it, and forget everything.

Rio comes with his assistant for dance practice

On the other hand, Rio along with his assistant Ayesha comes to Luthra’s house for dance rehearsal, Karan tells Girish that he is the biggest choreographer of the city, he should not have lacked in hospitality, Karan asks Rajveer about the 2016 project where Rishab says what kind of question do you ask, how will he remember the incident from 4 years ago where Rajveer answers Karan’s questions. Rishab is very happy. Karan says see, Rajveer will touch heights one day.

Kavya Request Rajveer for a dance

Kavya asks Rajveer to dance to her sangeet. Kareena says you can’t refuse, then Kavya starts practicing a dance with Sanaya and Palki. There Surya comes and says to Yo, you brought my edited song. Rio says I have forgotten, then Saurya’s friend goes to fetch the song. Saurya sees Rajveer and tells his mother that this house is Dharamshala. Hey please don’t say anything today. Sourya calms down after that everyone starts dancing and Rajveer keeps looking at Palki.

Nilesh comes with his friend Sambhu

Nilesh comes to Nidhi with his friend Shambhu and says this will work for us. Nidhi asks do you know where she will be found. Nilesh says yes, we know that tomorrow she will be found in the vegetable market behind the temple. Yes, you can come to the vegetable market, I say, come on, it’s okay, get out of here, otherwise, someone will see.

Kavya says to Rajveer, tell me which song will you dance, on the other hand, Sanaya goes to get the phone from Kareena’s room, then Nidhi sees her and asks what are you doing here for your sister, she understands. There is a doctor who has come here to take care of Dadi. Sanaya says I do not think it right to answer your questions.

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