Kundali Bhagya 21nd August 2023 Episode written update:Shrishti is shokked

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Kundali Bhagya 22nd August 2023 Episode written update

Karan Comes to Palki’s Home for Preeta

The episode of Kundali Bhagya begins with Preeta asking Palki are you preparing a dance for Kavya’s marriage and asks about Kavya instead she tells that she is absolutely fine her marriage is nearing and she is busy with her preparations. Gurpreet asks Preeta what are you doing here? Preeta tells that I have come here to buy chilies. Then Karan comes to Palki’s house. Ramesh is surprised to see Karan Luthra in his house and asks him what are you doing here. Sanaya says that they came to drop us. Karan tells that actually, I was thirsty so I came inside. Actually, Karan’s eyes are looking for Preeta but she brings water for Karan. Karan says thank you to him. Karan asks Ramesh, are you the only one living in this house or is anyone else living on the other side, there is free tha in the kitchen and Gurpreet is not getting the chilies. Preeta sees where the chilies are kept, then suddenly Gurpreet says what happened, the light went off as soon as she gave green chilly in her hand. Ramesh says look Sanaya, only our light has gone, that everything is done. Preeta must be looking for a candle in the kitchen and doesn’t find it, then Gurpreet. She says let it be fine, I will go home and bring Preeta. As soon as she comes out, she collides with Karan and the green chilies fall from his hands. In the dark, Karan and Preeta pick up the green chilies but Karan does not recognize Preeta. Then Preeta leaves Ramesh’s house and Karan doesn’t even see her.

Shambhu Calls Nidhi

On the other hand, Shambhu calls Nidhi. Preeta is going from her neighbor’s house. I am thinking, stay here tonight because no one knows who will go where and I will do your work as soon as morning comes. Nidhi says You said if the work is done, it should be done, no excuse is needed, call me when you leave in the morning to inform me that Preeta’s work is done, after that, I don’t want Preeta ever in my life. Shambhu says your work will be done.

Karan cannot see Preeta in the dark.

After Preeta leaves, lights come on in Ramesh’s house. Gurpreet is shocked to see Karan and starts shouting. Karan says we are sorry, I disturbed all of you so late in the night. Ramesh says no, your coming is too much for us. Karan is happy and says I was thirsty so I came to drink water where Gurpreet says we have come here just to drink water. Sanaya explains not to drink water, Karan asks are you with us. Ramesh says why are you asking this. Karan starts thinking in his mind that if I ask about the girl from whose hands the chilly fell, she will feel very strange that I am going into such detail. Why am I asking or doesn’t it look like I have lost my mind why do I want to know who lives in the house don’t know what they will think about me no no no I can’t ask them all that much Which lady She has left here, I should go after her, maybe it is Preeta, come on, it is confirmed that Rita doesn’t live in this house, then Karan talks about leaving, Gurpreet doesn’t let Karan go, Sanaya explains, then Ramesh speaks. hey let me drop you off

Shaury is thinking about Palki

On the other side, Saurya must be thinking about Palki and says why is feeling so bad thinking about her. Saurya says I should think about Rajveer I can’t see her smile I don’t like her smile I like her smile Jhumki I will put Rajveer in such a condition that he will forget his smiling face.

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