Kundali Bhagya 25th August 2023 Episode written update: Karan meets Shrishti

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Kundali Bhagya 25th August 2023 Episode written update

Srishti says to Nidhi since you came to know my family has come to Mumbai, Rajgir is here, Preeta didi is here, then some or the other accident is happening with them, are you not behind all these accidents? First with Rajveer, then with my sister, not once but many times, there have been attempts to kill my sister, You are not behind her, I am telling you that my sister is not alone, I am Srishti, her younger sister is with her. Nidhi is standing like that, speak carefully, I don’t have that much spare time to go and see your sister. Nidhi says I just reached your sister’s room by mistake. Srishti says Were you born by mistake? You are lying here and there by mistake, Now I understand that you are lying because you are afraid that I may tell the truth to the universe, there is no point in talking, be afraid to be afraid of me. It is necessary and what I have just told you, fits it in your mind, Stay away from my family, my sister, if anything is going on in your mind regarding Preeta Didi, then remove it, I know that you want to harm my sister. Do you want to trouble them so that your way is clear I just want to tell you that we have no interest in you and your life. You become the queen of the Luthra house, we don’t care, that’s why Karan also comes there Preeta. I will be surprised to see Karan

Nilesh is going to Preeta room

On the other hand, Nilesh goes to Preeta’s room and says to Preeta, you don’t even take the name of death, then he takes out a poison injection and says, now you will be out of breath in 5 minutes and my job will be done. Same Rajveer running. The nurse comes and asks Preeta Arora has had an accident, if she is not hurt much, and where is she admitted. The nurse asks who do you think of her. Rajveer tells I am her son. Tell me where is she? The nurse tells is in room number five

Shrishti runs away after seeing Kara

Shrishti runs away after seeing Karan, here Nidhi gets confused by letting Shrishti run away and thinks she was telling such big things to me and suddenly why did she run away after seeing Karan?

Rajveer cries for Preeta

Rajveer goes to Preeta and cries and says, I am very angry with you, someone or the other keeps coming with you all the time, I have heard that this city is a city of accidents, Why do you call accidents near you when I did not know that you are mine. If you are not my mother then I did not bother you at all and when I know that you are my mother I want to tell you I want to trouble you mother I want you to explain to me what is right and what is wrong and where do I go Where should I not go, I will accept all these things, but come to your senses, I can’t see you like this, please talk to me. Nilesh hides behind Preeta’s bed, then he collides with the oxygen cylinder and Rajveer goes to see. Where is the sound coming from, then Nilesh runs away from there, then the nurse comes there and says What are you doing here, The patient is resting, you go from here, Rajveer says I am going to meet my mother. came for

Karan catches Shrishti

Karan catches Shrishti while running and asks Shrishti What happened Why did you run away seeing me Whenever you sees me Karan goes to hug Rishi Prithvi refuses to recognize Karan Karan says you are asking me who are you What happened to you Srishti You are not recognizing me Srishti I am Karan your Karan Jiju Karan understands my face has changed that’s why Kriti is not recognizing me Srishti says I don’t want to talk to you.

Nilesh quickly covers Rita with a sheet and tells Karan that she is my sister, she is unwell. Karan says I want to see her. drives away

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