Radha Mohan 5th September 2023 Episode Written Update: Radha’s Bold Plan.

Written Update Today: Zee TV Serial ‘Pyar Ka Pehla Naam: Radha Mohan 5th September 2023 Upcoming Episode Story Update By Tellybood.com

Radha Mohan 5th September 2023 Episode Written Update

Radha Mohan Today Episode Story Written Update

The upcoming episode of Radha Mohan will see lots of thrilling scenes where Damini challenges Radha and decides to test a theory. It promises some more thrills.

Radha’s Determination

Radha takes determination and reveals the peacock feather symbolizing Banke Bihari and reveals the mysterious message to Damini. She says that if anything goes wrong today, it will not be without reason. Have told all the family members about

Koyal’s Social Media Surprise

Follows Mohan’s instructions and she goes live on social media and makes a video about Jwala in which she tells how deceitful she is and also exposes her actions where Koyal’s video is shared across the country. On the other hand, Shekhar goes to the police station for the safety of his family and seeks their help. The upcoming episodes are going to be more fun.

Don’t miss this episode of Radha Mohan 5th September 2023 episode, many avenues are going to open.

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