Taylor Swift cheers on boyfriend Travis Kelce at Christmas Day Chiefs game

In the festive spirit, Taylor Swift adorned a Santa hat embellished with the number “87” on the front.

Taylor Swift cheers on boyfriend Travis Kelce at Christmas Day Chiefs game

On Christmas Day, Taylor Swift enthusiastically supported her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, the tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, from a suite in Arrowhead Stadium. True to her tradition, the pop star assumed the role of cheer captain for Kelce’s team, donning a festive Santa hat with the number “87” on the front.

Accompanied by her parents, Swift celebrated the holiday season, hoping for a Chiefs victory against the Las Vegas Raiders. Despite their 11-point favorite status, the Chiefs suffered a 20-14 defeat to the Raiders. Kelce’s performance also fell below his season averages, with only four receptions and 42 receiving yards, compared to over six receptions per game and 69 receiving yards on average.

Known for her regular attendance at Arrowhead Stadium and other Chiefs away games, Swift has become a familiar presence since publicly acknowledging her relationship with Kelce.

Taylor Swift made her initial public appearance alongside Travis Kelce at a late September game against the Chicago Bears. Seated next to Kelce’s mother, Donna Kelce, in an Arrowhead suite, their presence fueled rumors of a potential romantic connection at that time.

Subsequently, Swift and Kelce have been seen together on multiple occasions in New York. One notable event was their appearance at “Saturday Night Live” in October, further adding to speculation about the nature of their relationship.

Taylor Swift cheers on boyfriend Travis Kelce at Christmas Day Chiefs game

According to Taylor Swift’s interview with Time magazine, she revealed that the September game against the Chicago Bears marked their first public appearance as a “couple.” However, she clarified that they had been casually “hanging out” and getting to know each other for several weeks before that public outing.

The connection between Swift and Kelce began when Kelce playfully mentioned her on his podcast, “New Heights,” during a July episode. Swift described it as Kelce “very adorably putting me on blast” about the podcast he co-hosts with his brother, Jason Kelce, who plays center for the Philadelphia Eagles.

After attending the Eras Tour at Arrowhead in July, the Kelce brothers discussed the concert on “New Heights.”

Kelce said he was disappointed that he didn’t see Swift after the show and made her a friendship bracelet “with my number on it” that he never got the chance to give her.

Since the couple went public, Swift has been wearing her version of a friendship bracelet with Kelce’s number on it — 87 — at several Chiefs games.

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