Teri Meri Dooriyaan 8th January 2024 Written Update: Helping Gary proved costly for Sahiba, where did Angad go after leaving the house?

Teri Meri Dooriyaan 8th January 2024 Written Update: There is a huge rift going on between Sahiba and Angad in Teri Meri Doriyan. Angad is not ready to accept at any cost that Gary has improved. Gary clarifies him again and again but his anger does not subside.

Teri Meri Dooriyaan 8th January 2024 Written Update

There is tension in the relationship between Angad and Sahiba in Teri Meri Doriyan. Angad even closed the room for her. Sahiba is sitting outside the house when her father calls. He expresses hope that everything will be fine between them soon. Sahiba says that Gary has changed. Now he is not the same as before. They should not question the relationship between Gary and Jasleen. Although he feels that he did the right thing, Angad believes that he should not have taken help from Gary. He has been against the family many times.

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Sahiba reached Gary-Jasleen

Sahiba sits outside and cries alone, while Angad watches from the balcony as she sits in the cold. Angad is about to go to her with a sheet. Gary prepares to sleep outside. At that very moment, Jasleen brings food for him. Jasleen has also brought medicines and bandages for him. She is about to take it out of the box when she is about to fall but Sahiba comes there and takes care of her. Both Jasleen and Gary apologize to him. By then Angad has also come down and he sees Sahiba standing near Gary.

Angad got angry at Sahiba

Angad throws the sheet in anger. Sahiba sees that Angad has come there. Angered, Angad silently leaves the car. Sahiba keeps calling but he does not listen to her. Jasleen assures him that she will do anything to bring about a reconciliation between her and Angad. Gary, hearing their words, leaves from there and follows Angad.

Trying to convince Angad

Angad remembers Sahiba’s old talks. Sahiba also remembers him. After some time, Angad parks the car at a deserted place and thinks. Gary also comes there. Angad gets angry on seeing her. He calls Sahiba as sister-in-law. Angad feels that even if he can persuade someone with these things, he cannot convince him. Because of that, the family members came on the streets and their relationship also came to the verge of ending. Gary tries to make him understand in every possible way but he does not seem to be successful in it.

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