Anupama 31st December 2023 Written Update

Anupama 31st December 2023 Written Update

After 5 years, Chhoti Anu meets GK. Anupama’s secret is revealed – Malti Devi as well as Barkha Kha, now that GK will come, that GK is in America and that GK will be seen meeting Chhoti Anu i.e. Aadhya and Will tell Aadhya the big truth of 5 years old, Anupama’s truth, after which the story will change completely.

Is something going to happen? In the Anupama written update, let us tell you the whole story in detail, but before that, if you have not joined our Telegram Channel then Join quickly and get the update of Anupama 31 December 2023 first.

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Anupama 31st December 2023 Written Update

In the upcoming episode, younger Anu will again see Anupama at the Christmas party. She will be seen hating Anupama and deciding that now I will never let Anuj i.e. Pops and Anupama get together. Jo is thinking that I will not do this face to face and is looking at Anupama with hateful eyes from there and Anupama asks what happened son Anupama, do you want anything and here is younger Anu.

Adhaya is happy to see GK

That is, Adhya which is here turns the matter completely. Now, friends, the biggest twist will be seen here. Now what is that twist, so we want to tell you, friends, Aadhya is here, Aadhya will be there, and only then GK is there. You will be seen meeting Aadhya, meaning Aadhya, yes, where Aadhya will be seen being very happy after seeing GK, and at the same time, GK will be seen telling a big truth here and will be seen saying that you know a big truth which is me. Now what is the truth to be told?

5 years ago the story of the truth

So there you will be seen telling the truth that in the accident that happened with you 5 years ago, you had held Anupama responsible, but Anupama and Anuj were not at fault there, Anupama especially had done something there. It was not the fault of the one who is here, he did not do anything to you, son, here Malti Devi had a complete plan to throw Anupama out of the house and she is the one who kept the gun and aimed at Anupama due to which Anupama got angry. appeared to be happening

Anuj and Anuj and Anupama got separated from each other, a big mistake was made son, 5 years ago I had to come and tell you the truth about what kind of woman Malti Devi is, I know Malti Devi very well. I understand very well because she is a number one deceitful person and whatever is in her mind is only a mistake, apart from this there is nothing else.

Seeing this, he will be very shocked to see that even today little Anu is there, the hatred that Pal has kept in his heart for me will shock him a lot, it will be a big shock, so all of you viewers will see these things in the upcoming episode. Friends, you will get the serial Anupama, so how much are you excited?

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