Anupama 5th January 2024 Written Update

Anupama 5th January 2024 Written Update by

Anupama 5th January 2024 Written Update

Till now you have seen in Anupama that younger Anu i.e. Aadhya has met Anupama. But Anuj has not encountered Anupama. Although both of them have felt close to each other many times.

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Anupamaa Spoiler:

Anupama and Anuj have realized each other’s presence many times till now. Recently, Anuj heard Anupama’s voice on the phone, which made him suspicious whether the restaurant lady Shruti talked about might be Anupama. After hearing the voice, Anupama and Anuj now feel they will meet soon. The promo of the show has surfaced in which it is shown that Anuj asks Shruti when that woman will come and Shruti says during the day.

how will the meeting happen

Anupama now goes to Anuj’s house and rings the doorbell. After this, the door of the house opens in front of Anupama. Anupama’s face gets shocked as soon as the door opens. His eyes remain wide open. However, whether it is Anuj or Aadhya who stands in front of him will be known in the coming episodes.

Waiting for Anuj

Actually, Shruti has organized a party for younger Anu i.e. Aadhya at home and she calls Anupama to order food. She says to come home and cook food. Anupama says that if she gets permission, she will definitely come after this Anuj waits only for the same.

What will happen to their relationship?

Now what will be their reaction when both of them come face to face? When Shruti comes to know about their relationship, will she help them meet or will she become a vamp and separate them? Whereas Aadhya does not want Anupama to come into Anuj’s life, it will be interesting to see what turn their life will take in the future.

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