Anupamaa 27th January 2024 Written Update

Anupamaa 27th January 2024 Written Update by

Anupamaa 27th January 2024 Written Update

Something is going to happen in the upcoming episode of Anupama for which fans have been waiting for a long time. Now Anupama and Anuj are going to meet each other and tremendous twists and turns are going to come in the show.

Till now we have seen in Anupama that many times Anuj and Anupama were around each other, but could not meet. Anuj has been trying for a long time to meet Anupama as soon as possible. After many attempts, now finally what the fans have been waiting for is going to happen. We are talking about the union of Anupama and Anuj which is going to happen after a long time.

Anuj-Yashdeep met

Actually, the promo of the show has come out in which Anuj, while talking to Yashdeep, says that she is the voice of my heart, she is the silence of my soul, now how can I tell who she is for me? Yashdeep says that if someone like this comes into my life, I will fall in love again.

Anupama-Anuj finally meet

After this, Anupama stands behind Anuj and as soon as Anuj looks back, both of them are surprised. Both of them just look at each other with a fixed gaze. Now, after this union of both, it is not known where their paths will go. Will Aadhya allow them to get back together or not and when Shruti comes to know that Anupama and Anuj are husband and wife, will she keep them together or will she along with Aadhya separate them?

What will be the new twists?

Well, the way Yashdeep has entered the show, fans are also speculating that it is possible that in the coming episodes, Anuj will marry Shruti and Anupama-Yashdeep will unite. Well, what twist will the makers bring in the story, it will be known in the coming episodes because it is possible that Aadhya will forgive Anupama and bring her back as Anuj’s wife.

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