GHKKPM 4th August 2023 Written Update: Savi is in a big problem

GHKKPM 4th August 2023 Written Update: Star Plus TV Serial “Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein” 4thAugust 2023 Episode Written Update By

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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein Written Update Today (4th August 2023)

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein; Episode starts with Savi near the goldsmith and selling her bracelet, where the goldsmith says I have to call your sister to find out where she is. Aren’t you bringing these stolen goods, where Savi says, Uncle, do you see me as a thief? It is getting very late, when the goldsmith says, now I will definitely call, I do not buy stolen goods, is it okay, if everyone gets into thinking, if anyone comes to know at Tai’s house, then at Tai’s house There will be a lot of trouble here everyone requests that please don’t call my Tai’s house because no one at my Tai’s house in her in-law’s house knows that I have come to sell bangles where the goldsmith says they know Not even there and you have come to send this, you think I am a fool. Where goldsmith calls Ramesh and says, look, a girl has come to me to sell gold bangles, whose name is Savi Chauhan and she is saying that her sister has not given the bangles to sell. Ramesh is surprised to hear this and says, I will find out at home and tell you, till then you work, do not let that girl go anywhere.

Rao Sir is sad about Ishaan

On the other hand, Ishaan is about to have a push-up challenge with Kaka Saheb where the upset wins. After losing, Kaka Saheb explains a lot to Ishaan, look, take out whatever sorrow is in your mind, whether it is about Riva or Isha. You promise me son, Ishaan says I promise you, Kaka Saheb, I will forget both of them. Tears come out of Kaka Saheb’s eyes.

Harni’s family members got angry with Harni

Where everyone together asks Harni where did her bangles go, I told you not to keep that girl here, she was cheated of ₹ 50000 by giving 4, 5 thousand, she first ran away from the marriage, then fled with Harni’s bangles. She is done. Kiran tells Harini that she doesn’t want bangles, and now the same thing will happen to her as happens to a thief, now your sister will go to jail, after which Kiran calls the police, where Harini understands that please don’t call the police. Has not committed any theft. Then Harini says that I myself have given her bangles so that she can pay the admission money where Ramesh says to Harini how dare you do this, you did not even think it necessary to ask us. Harini says those bangles were mine. Aaji gave it to me that’s why I gave it to Savi. Ramesh calls Sonar and says my son is going there, give him bangles. Everyone asks for their bangles back but doesn’t give bangles to Sonar and says my Ramesh. Talked to her that her son is coming here and everything will happen in front of her, on the other hand, everyone will be getting calls from the college that it is so late, why hasn’t she come yet
Savi went to college running away from Goldsmith
Savi goes to college and goes to the clerk and says I had an interview yesterday and today I have come for admission, my name is Savi Chauhan. Savi asks Clerk for 1 day’s time to deposit fees, and where Clerk says sorry ma’am, I can’t do anything in your form, Rao Saheb’s note is attached which it is clearly written today before 11:00 am You will have to submit the transfer certificate and fees only then you will get admission after which Savi goes to Ishaan and requests him Sir you took my physical test yesterday and every time I have passed every test. Savi requests Ishaan sir, please give me 1 day’s time to deposit the fees, Ishaan said no grace will be available, and you have only 5 minutes to submit TC and fees.

Savi falls at Ishaan’s feet

Savi falls at Ishaan’s feet and says Sir please don’t cancel my admission, it is my Baba’s dream, I will study with a lot of heart. Ishaan says don’t show me crocodile tears, I know you very well. Savi requests and says sir give me 1 day’s time. Ishaan says leave my feet and stand up. Rao sir comes here and says what is going on, this is a college and here you are doing such acts where everyone apologizes and says sir give me 1 day’s time

Kiran Sawant reached Savi’s college

Kiran tells Isaan don’t give admission to this girl, this girl is not fit for your college, this girl has run away from her marriage hall, she has mixed her family’s name in the mud, we have taken pity on her, and given her a place in our house. Gave it but this favor is forgotten, he stole my wife’s gold bangles and came out to save her. Savi Kiran says to Jiju what are you saying, Tai herself gave me those bangles so that I can sell them and deposit my fees. Ishaan says your own Jiju is saying that you are not eligible for this admission. Why should we give you admission?

Isha Mam reached college

Isha mam comes to college and says Mr. Ishaan Bhosle .. Everyone will be surprised to see Isha mam Everyone will hug Isha mam Isha mam says whatever you guys say always comes true
Isha says to Ishaan, a girl from a small house has the courage to study in your college, instead of encouraging her, you people are troubling her. Rao sir says we are troubling her, how do you know this Isha says. I know you are the owner of this college, it does not mean that you will be allowed to work here, Rao Saheb becomes silent after listening to mam’s words. Isha asks why all have not been admitted yet, then Ram Saheb tells that transfer She hasn’t submitted the certificate yet that’s why she didn’t get the admission. Then Sham brings everyone’s transfer certificate. M shows it. I enjoy them very much.

Upcoming Twist

In the upcoming episode where everyone is harassed by all the students and says our last introduction was too bad can we start again where a boy misbehaves with Savi, due to which Savi licks him After which everyone locks Savi in a room

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