Imlie 5th August 2023 Written Episode Update: Threat to Rana

Imlie 5th August 2023 Written Update on


Imlie Written Episode Update

Imlie overhears when a beep comes from her bomb-detecting machine. He places it near Carrie’s watch and is shocked to discover that the watch contains a bomb. Bhagti quickly rushes to the living room and sees Carrie playing with the family. She thinks that only Major Khanna can confirm that this watch is a bomb and immediately goes to Major Khanna. Major checks the watch and says that his suspicion is correct that there is a bomb in the watch. Imlie says that she remembers her Bhaskar Times days and she trusts him. Major takes out the chip from the watch and defuses the bomb. He says that the bomber can detonate it with just a click of a remote button and he might have kept the bomb somewhere else. Imlie remembers that Peon Mohan had put watches on the wrists of all the students and remembers bumping into him in Gurunagar Basti. She tells the Major about this and says such criminal elements can go to any extent. The Major tells him to alert the school principal while he calls in the bomb squad.

Next Episode Of Imlie:

Imlie tells her family on the phone that she loves them very much and this is her last phone call. Or stops her and tells her that he and Carrie cannot live without her. Imlie says good bye and then the bomb explodes.

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