Anupama 1st January 2024 Written Update

Anupama 1st January 2024 Written Update

Anupama 1th January 2024 Written Update: After 5 years, of great meetings between Anuj and Anupama, Anupama becomes emotional – Now the biggest storm will come in the serial Anupama because now Anuj and Anupama will face each other. Yes, the biggest twist is going to come in the show. Anuj has realized that Anupama is somewhere nearby, Anupama is in America and this realization is enough to take Anuj to Anupama. On hearing the voice of Joshi’s sister on one side here, Anuj realizes that this is his Anupama. So no, and because of the way Aadya has behaved, Anuj’s suspicion has been completely confirmed, but now Anuj himself will go to Anupama’s café. When he reaches Anupama’s café, the truth will be revealed to him. Anupama will come, and her love will come in front of him, what is going to happen?

Friends, here in the serial Anupama, Shruti has now shown that Joshi’s sister is an Uttar who cooks and she is very famous but she is Gujarati, she is Gujju, you too cook like her, you will realize here as soon as you hear the voice for Aadya, Anuj. that this is Anupama

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And then Shruti will clearly say that this is the same Joshi sister whose tea you were shaken by, whose masala tea you drank then what is it, Anuj will reach Anupama’s cafe and as soon as he reaches there he will ask who is Joshi sister here.

And then Anuj and Anupama will come face to face and in such a situation Anuj will cry. Now the question will be whether Anuj and Anupama will be united again or even after uniting, they will not be able to unite. What do you think?

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