Anupamaa 16th January 2024 Written Update

Anupamaa 16th January 2024 Written Update: The story of Anuj Kapadia and Anupama has again reached a point where both are very close to each other yet are far away. But now a big twist is going to come in the serial.

Anupamaa 16th January 2024 Written Update
Anupamaa 16th January 2024 Written Update

Anupamaa Spoiler Alert: In the upcoming episode of Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna starrer TV serial Anupama, Anuj Kapadia will understand why his daughter is repeatedly stopping him from meeting Joshiben on some pretext or the other. In Monday’s episode, you will see that Anuj Kapadia will be sitting in the restaurant waiting for Joshiben but as soon as Shruti tells this to Aadhya, he will have a panic attack. Anuj Kapadia will come running back home and what will happen next? This has been told in the new promo video of the serial.

Anuj Kapadia will remove Shruti from the middle

Anuj Kapadia will try to connect all the links and understand why every time his daughter gets panic attacks, it is related to the restaurant or Joshiben. It is shown in the promo video that Anuj Kapadia will decide to talk to his daughter alone. He will ask Shruti if he can talk to his daughter Aadhya alone for some time.

Anuj Kapadia will ask this question to his daughter

Shruti will easily agree to this and then Anuj Kapadia will ask Aadhya whether you have seen Anupama here in America. Aadhya will be shocked to hear this question. Tears will well up in his eyes and his face will pale. What will happen further between Anuj Kapadia and Aadhya has not been shown in the serial, but in one scene Anuj is definitely shown getting up and leaving in anger.

Such thoughts will come to Anupama’s mind

As soon as Anuj Kapadia leaves, Aadhya again starts worrying about whether her father is going to meet his ex-wife Anupama. On the other hand, in the restaurant, Anupama will start thinking that AK is Shruti’s husband and Aadhya’s father, so why am I thinking about him again and again? Now it remains to be seen what turn this story takes next. Because for the last few days, the makers have been continuously walking on the same track.

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