Anupamaa 17th January 2024 Written Update

Anupamaa 17th January 2024 Written Update by

Anupamaa Episode Review: Now Waqar Shaikh has also entered the Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna starrer serial Anupama. He will play the role of Deepu in this serial. Know the public’s reaction to the new promo.

Anupamaa 17th January 2024 Written Update

Anupama Spoiler Alert: The 16 January 2024 episode of the Anupama serial was quite entertaining and the new promo shown at the end of the episode has increased the excitement of the fans manifold. Anupama is going to meet a new person who will give a completely different direction to the story. The public has given their reaction to Wednesday’s episode and the upcoming promo video and many social media users have posted on X. Let us know what is the current trend of the story
Public reaction.

Public gave this advice to Adhik Mehta

Since the new promo video shows Ishani missing, a social media user wrote about it, “I think Adhik has taken Ishani away. But why doesn’t he go to court to get his daughter back?” Is it? Pakhi can’t keep his daughter away from him. Well, Deepu has also come. Kapadia ji, your rival has come. Hope you will be able to take your eyes and mind off Anu.” Fans are assuming that Anu and Deepu will be friends and Anuj Kapadia will be seen as jealous of them.

People are aware of the bonding between brothers Biji and Anupama.

Fans are very happy with how Yashpal sir’s mother brought Anupama to her house and wants her to celebrate Lohri at their place. One person wrote on A fan wrote about Wednesday’s episode, “Is Shruti really a woman? If yes, then why is she missing the ability to spy on everything?”

This new character will become Anupama’s support

This person wrote, “After all, why is she not interested in knowing about Anuj Kapadia’s past? On the other hand, Anuj has also been able to propose Shruti only because he had promised Aadhya.” Regarding Anupama’s bonding with BG, a user wrote, “Well, finally Anupama has got a mother figure in America. Hopefully, soon she will get an American getup too. But no one.. that in Parade too.” Looks amazing. Hopefully after this new entry both of them will become each other’s moral support.”

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